Back when Soul Calibur 2 was released, it came with exclusive characters for each system. The Gamecube got fairy-boy Link to dance around in his green elf pants, the Xbox got a capeless Michael Jai White version of Spawn, and PS2 owners got the biggest who-gives-a-fuck character, Hitachi from Tekken.

At this year’s CES, it was announced that the fourth installment will have exclusive characters as well.

This time though? It’s all about Star Wars.

PS3 fans will be getting Darth Vader, while Xbox 360 owners will get Yoda. Do I have to say who wins out in this? Nice to have something to brag about for a change, isn’t it Playstation owners? Good for you.

Check out the trailer below (courtesy Gametrailers) to see them in action. Soul Calibur 4 will hit sometime in June if all goes well. The game looks phenomenal.