I Come in Peace is a sci-fi cult classic. This film features some of the most ludicrous early Nineties tropes ever put on film. The plot is simple: an American detective has to save his city and the world from an alien threat that means to kill every human in its path for the purpose of manufacturing narcotics to be sold on the intergalactic black market. It just so happens that the alien is almost unstoppable and the cool detective played by Dolph Lundgren has next to no support in tackling this incredible threat. Rarely does a premise this simple work so well.

Scream Factory announced today that I Come in Peace will be released in August under its alternate title Dark Angel. It doesn’t matter what they call it, what matters is that it’s still the same action-packed, adrenaline-filled man versus humanoid film that we all know and love from those late night Cinemax broadcasts twenty years ago. Get ready to revisit Matthias Hues as the cold and maniacal alien threat, Brian Benben as whiny Special Agent Larry Smith and Dolph Lundgren as the great Jack Caine in a fully loaded, high-definition new release this fall.