The recent controversy surrounding Kickstarter has nearly crippled the reputation of the crowdsourcing website. Regardless, creative teams and independent artists are still funding interesting projects daily. While the perception of the system is that people are paying today for what they recieve tomorrow, investors are being rewarded with products and services that match the dollar amounts given. By funding a project, you can do anything from getting the final product to having creative involvement.

One of the current projects that is still being funded is a short claymation film by Academy Award winning animator Daniel Greaves. Mr. Plastimime tells the story of a mime who while performing, begins to bend the laws of reality. During a stage show, invisible structures physically appear and the audience members find themselves in the environment created by the performer. This is a surreal story and the style features dark and crisp tones that will easily appeal to modern animation fans. Take a look at the trailer below and see if this is something worth your bottom dollar.