Tisdale, the chick from High School Musical who has yet to endure the humiliation of having nude photos leaked online (well), is set to make her feature debut in something called They Came from Upstairs. It’s a 20th Century Fox "adventure comedy" directed by the man responsible for Like Mike, Drive Me Crazy and The Honeymooners remake, so I’d like to dismiss it outright. But the involvement of Mark Burton, a BAFTA Award winner for his contributions to the wonderful screenplay for Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, is enough to make me stow the snark… for now. He also took a credit on Madagascar.

And he’s got a co-writer in Adam F. Goldberg (aka the guy who’s penned that Night of the Living Dorks movie for Michael Showalter), so who knows what to expect from this thing. Ms. Tisdale will co-star as one of a group of teenagers who fight off some aliens who’ve invaded the upstairs of their Maine vacation home. If those were illegal aliens, this might be might be my most anticipated movie ever.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin at the end of January in Auckland, New Zealand, which will be doubling for Maine. Already cast are a bunch of people I’ve never heard of: Robert Hoffman, Carter Jenkins, Austin Butler and Ashley Boettcher.