A year ago I never would have believed I’d be actively
anticipating D.J. Caruso’s next picture. But Disturbia had a power to get me behind his work that The Salton Sea didn’t, ambitious and occasionally excellent as it was.

and Shia LaBeouf turned out to be a good pair, and their follow-up, Eagle Eye, is
already looking intriguing. There were those set pics that surfaced this weekend and there’s also the simple matter of Michelle Monaghan co-starring.

Now Caruso’s tapped his highest-paid accomplice from days
on The Shield. Michael Chiklis has joined up as the US Secretary of Defense. He’ll
be dealing with the unlikely couple LaBeouf and Monaghan, who are branded
terrorists and press-ganged into a cell bent on some political assassination.
We know Chiklis can glower his way through a cabinet position easily, so this should be fun.

Billy Bob Thornton and Rosario Dawson are also in the
film, which should wrap up next month.