This a pretty serious red-band trailer, FYI:

As you see above, James McAvoy signed up for quite the raunchy ride with Filth, a film about a cop who decides to take his snorting, drinking, womanizing habits and aim them at the destruction of his colleagues when they get a bit too ambitious for his taste. Tasked with helping solve a grizzly murder, he bangs his partners’ wives, tells lies, and generally fucks things up until they spiral out of his control.

Hard to tell if a film like this is merely an exercise in gross over-indulgence or a legitimately great black comedy, as the latter is a beautifully elusive thing. McAvoy is joined by Jim Broadbent (who should be great, one way or another) as well as Imogen Poots, Jamie Bell, and Eddie Marsan.

Not for nothing, the film does have an excellent poster: