Since the Virtual Console’s inception with the launch of the Wii, gamers have been asking for one thing. Goldeneye. We were getting other N64 games, why couldn’t we get the best of them all?

If you somehow missed on the craze, Goldeneye was the first great console shooter. It took the innovative Turok FPS controls and managed to make a movie tie-in that was better than the movie it was based on. Imagine that! The biggest draw was of course the multiplayer, which had 4 people crammed onto one screen. No more multitaps- the N64 allowed everyone to bring over their own controller and shoot it out at once.

Perfect Dark, Rare’s followup to that instant classic, had its issues but is no further from my heart, even though I dropped something like 90 bucks for the goddamn thing (and the required RAM pack). The game was ambitious, too much so for the N64, in fact, which practically starting smoking trying to keep up the frame rate. But the story was interesting, the weapons were great, and as always the multiplayer was where it was at.

Anyway, to the rumors! It seems that Goldeneye is not going to be making its way to the Wii after all, but instead to its competitor in the same way their former developer Rare did.

Hurts, don’t it, Nintendo?

Xbox Evolved is claiming that they heard from a reliable source that both of these great games are on their way to the Xbox Live Arcade. Yes, all the license holders (Microsoft, Rareware, MGM Studios and Activision) have supposedly joined hands (and wallets) to put the games out this year. Not only that, but they’ll have new fancy graphics and support online multiplayer.

I don’t have to tell you how great this would be if it were true. Not that we don’t have enough great shooters available for the system, but these were some of the best. Also, Perfect Dark never played right, with lots of slowdown and choppiness (unless you fudged with the options and had a RAM pack), so it’d be great to see it running smooth, which I’m assuming the 360 has enough power to make happen.

Oh, and they also mention Banjo-Kazoo as a possibility, but who cares about that one? It’d be like getting Donkey Kong 64. Lame.

So, there’s nothing set in stone and you shouldn’t get overly excited, but still, sometimes it’s nice to dream.