Just like at last year’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), Little Big Planet was recently shown off in playable form at this weeks’ Consumer Electronics Show (CES.. gaming dorks love their acronyms.)

Gametrailers got a couple of new videos of the developers showing off the goods, and I still find it incredible that the game that’s most got me interested about possibly splurging for a PS3 is a light-hearted 2d platformer. Then again, it’s not like the system has any other worthy exclusives, right?

As you probably already know (and can see in the video above) the game is all about the co-op play, which can be done all on one screen or with your friends online. The biggest draw of the game is that you can create your own levels on the fly. Any object in the game can be placed by anyone, and it does look like it adds a lot to the game, especially during multiplayer. Pictures from your hard drive can be placed upon surfaces to further make it your own. You can save your creations and upload them, where people will be able to check out your goods. There will be a rating place set as well so you won’t have to dig far to find the good ones.

But putting aside all the features, the game just looks incredibly fun to play. The graphics are deceptively stunning, especially once you note how each different material is identifiable by its surface and by the way you’re able to manipulate it.

By now there should have been a demo of the game available to download on the Playstation Network (it was planned for the end of 2007), but it’s been delayed to an unknown date in 2008. The game itself has a rumored release date of September in Europe, which hopefully means that it’ll make it over to the States sometime around then. This could be just what Sony needs to sell systems for next Christmas.