After a teaser that was all ominous imagery, promises of a climactic end, and shockingly few jokes, it’s not suprising the new trailer for The Hangover III actually gives up the goods a little. It’s not particularly full of spoilers or anything, but a relatively coherent story is promised. Check it out:

I haven’t thought about The Hangover 2 pretty much since I walked out of the theater from watching it that one time, and yet I’m fine watching another round of nonsense with these guys. The only thing giving me pause is that I have truly come to despise Ken Jeong’s comedy- I’m just not on that guy’s wavelength anymore.

Either way, this one has seemingly shed the “it’s the same movie!” criticism, so will you be there May 24th?

Along with the trailer comes a trio of character posters (and a banner of them all together) for your viewing pleasure.





via Indiewire