The cast is starting to come together for the version of Solomon Kane that Samuel Hadida is producing. We’ve known for a while that James Purefoy is the title character. Now we know that distinguished gents Max Von Sydow (a name attached to the flick for a while, too) and Pete Postlethwaite will share the screen with Purefoy. As Josiah Kane, von Sydow will have trouble topping his heart-rending appearance in The Diving Bell And The Butterfly while Postlethwaite has only to live up to recent stuff like Aeon Flux and The Omen.

The first flick in a planned trilogy adapting the work of Robert E. Howard will also feature Rachel Hurd-Wood, Mackenzie Crook and my favorite Borg queen, Alice

Michael J. Bassett wrote and begins directing later this month in Prague. Variety calls the story "an epic tale of a 16th
century soldier tormented by his past evil deeds, seeking redemption by
battling a sinister power threatening the kingdom." If that’s not satisfying enough, here’s Bassett talking about the film back in November.