Please send letters. Writes:

Saw your website. Is there any chance you would be willing
to share who Christian Bale’s agent is?

I have a project I would like to submit to that person.

I appreciate your help…

Nick Replies: He’s at Endeavor and he has a badass of an agent. That’s all I’ll say on here though it’s easy to find out if you know where to look. That said, you might be going about it the wrong way. You have a better chance of putting your "project" in a bottle and throwing into a sea that Christian Bale’s agent might go fishing in. If you have something special, you should get your own agent and move it through the system, because none of those guys are going to give you the time of day and are very wary of unsolicited submissions. Even though I’m sure your pitch of Die Hard in a boy’s colon’ is fantastic, you can’t just toss it towards the guy like that. Also, please make sure your project requires the leading man to shed 40-50 pounds. He loves that shit!

Patryk Writes:

Long time, first
time, blah blah… Thanks for all the passes over the past few years.

All the talk last month about the Wright Stuff got me thinking. Have you
ever though about putting on some kind of CHUD fest in Atlanta? Hell,
even a monthly midnight CHUD showing of a CHUD Essential (or Guilty
Pleasure). I’d gladly lay down what I paid for I Am Legend to see Dead
Heat on the big screen. I know the plaza does a monthly classic movie,
but I think there’s entirely too little chance for people to see great old
films the way they originally played.

Oh, and on a related note, here’s a question for the podcast (yeah, I know I
just missed this last one):

If you could program a double (or even treble) feature for one night of a film
festival, what films would you show and why?

Keep up the great content, and don’t bother with the haters. They don’t
get it anyway.

Nick Replies: I have always wanted to do a festival here in town, but I don’t have the organizational skills not the contacts to do it and I’d prefer to do it really nicely or not at all. The AICN boys do a bang-up job and if I were based in LA it might be easier, but I don’t have the sauce to figure it out and I already do way too many things on passion alone to fit another. As for festival programming, I’d want to think on it. It depends on the genre. Tell you what, I’ll pop some ideas in the next Steady Leak.

Laurie Writes:

“Harry Potter Goes to Mogadishu
article is using a fake (i.e. Photoshopped) image of Dan Radcliffe that went
around the Internet several months ago.

Nick Replies: Yeah, his real cock’s much more awesome.

Michael Writes:

Nick, have you seen this movie yet ? I read some reviews
saying its a good horror movie, but I have no idea if its coming to the states.

Also have you heard about that movie [Rec] its suppose to
be terrifying

Nick Replies: Michael’s referring to Frontieres, which Russ had on his Worst Supposed to be 10 but he did 14 list of 2007. I have not seen it, but I have grown very skeptical of any and all genre releases from overseas because I’ve been burned so many times.

Kevin Writes:

Nick, I’m sorry to read the news about MEG. I hope every person involved in shafting you
on the project gets butt-fucked by a cadre of crazed weasels! You survived the five year ordeal – brass
balls intact…revel in that. Move on to
bigger and better things, man. We’ll be
there for you.

Nick Replies: Much appreciated, I guess. I don’t know about the remaining folks getting mammal raped. That’s kind of harsh. Actually, I’m totally cool with them moving on without me. I don’t like the circumstances and why I’m not involved anymore but I’m glad to put that chapter of my life and the many watsed hours and gray hairs it gave me behind me. I hope they pull it off without me and do the property justice.

Deschain Writes:

Hey! Found your list
very interesting, but how did you miss the most cliche ridden , and poorly
executed story telling experience of 2007? Spiderman 3.

Nick Replies: I don’t have much of a problem with that flick. Wasn’t near my top of the year and wasn’t near my bottom of the year. It was a third movie in a superhero franchise that basically broke no new ground and got mired in too many characters but also revisited and continued upon most of the stuff people loved from the other two films. It’s so overblown to hate on that film when we have so many examples of other sequels really fucking a franchise in the mouth.

Phil Writes:

I love CHUD and have become totally dependent
upon it over the past few years (can’t imagine getting the bulk of my film news
& commentary anywhere else). Not only is it entertaining and informative,
but it has actually started to guide my movie choices on a regular basis
(wouldn’t have seen and therefore enjoyed The Kingdom without Devin’s review).

I want to thank you for the effort that you and the CHUD gang put into your
recent Kubrick DVD review / appreciation. I had seen all of these films in my
younger days and certainly admired their technical aspects. But I had never
really loved (or even liked) most Kubrick films and was inspired to take a
second look based solely on CHUD’s coverage. Being a bit more cinematically
mature now, I’m starting to see what I was missing. These discs will spin
regularly in my player from this moment on, and I fully expect my appreciation
for not only Kubrick, but for filmmaking in general, to broaden as a result.

Thank you, sir!

Nick Replies: It was our pleasure. Stressful pleasure that got lambasted by some of more cinephile-y readers who wanted us to do in-depth reviews of these films, but a pleasure regardless. I think we might do something like this again at some point in the future for another master of cinema like Albert Pyun, Thomas Schlamme, or Leo Grillo.

Mike Writes:

I’ve been visiting for several years
and always look forward to your best and worst year-end lists. I was
enjoying Devin, Russ and your list especially Nick and it dawned on me just how
much I’ve missed your reviews. Now before I go any further, let me say
that I will be visiting for as long as this website exists. I
have very little to complain about but I figure any feedback is good to
hear. So with that said, I feel that chud is really lacking in DVD
reviews lately. I have yet to connect with any of the DVD reviewers
and I don’t know if that’s the fault of the subpar DVD screeners you receive or
the writers themselves. I do click on DVD reviews, I rarely
skip anything posted on the site, but aside from Shawn S. Lealos I
just don’t give these reviews much thought.

Now I know it takes time for new writers to find their voice. I can
easily see the improvement in yours and Devin’s writing over the years.
I’m concerned that my apathy toward a major portion of CHUD’s postings could be
shared by others and I don’t want anyone to be turned off by the
site. I’d like to see more reviews by the core CHUD writers. I
understand Devin doesn’t buy his own DVDs anymore, but it would be a real
pleasure to read some more reviews by you, Jeremy and Russ from new releases
that you collect. They are far too rare. For that matter, it seems
like their are fewer theatrical reviews or am I wrong in that

One more thing…where’s Micah? From what I gathered he’s spawned but I
thought he would be around the sites by now? I’m not really a message
board guy so maybe I missed something on there.

Well that’s enough complaining. Really though, I can’t praise the site
enough these were just a few gripes and really has shaped the way I
look at film/movies/whatever. So I can’t thank you enough for that.

Nick Replies: Thanks for the nice words. I recently did reviews of Zodiac and the World Series DVD and am slowly grinding away at D-War, The Boston Red Sox Box Set, The Johnny Carson Collection, and The Godzilla Collection. I’m spread pretty thin but I know that the DVD reviews are a part of the site I want to always be a part of. As for the other writers, I want them to review DVDs and have tried to make it happen. I know Russ has a few outstanding ones and I guess Devin and Jeremy would rather focus on theatrical stuff. There’s some really solid reviewers on our DVD staff but it’s very hard to keep the reviews coming at a consistent level of speed and quality due to sheer volume, the reviewers pretty much doing it when their free time allows, and with very, VERY little feedback from the readers. it’s a tough situation. We all start off as pretty crappy writers and hopefully improve over time. As for Micah, he had a baby and he was working for us and another place and when the kiddie arrived it made sense to re-evaluate things. He has to make sure first and foremost that his clan is well-fed and healthed up. Nothing against this lovely site, but we’re not IBM. Plus, we added Jeremy and the site doesn’t generate the need to have a lot of full-timers [though i’m trying to do some shimmying to enliven the staff a little]. I love Micah and in a perfect world would love to squeeze him back in. Who knows? I have a few projects in the pipeline that could feasibly make such a thing a possibility but for right now I have an abyss of a redesign situation, some staffing concerns, and all the stress of my already stressful life. It’s a slow burn, but one I think will make the readers happy in the long term. Hang in there, I’m trying to!

Kevin R. Writes:

What a heart breaker. Sorry to hear the news.

Out of curiosity, what new direction did the film take?
Is it now going to be a movie about MAKING a movie starring Ben Stiller as MEG?

I’m keeping the concept art for your version, and
nobody’s gonna take that away from me.

Nick Replies: Steve Alten commented on the status of the project in his new newsletter, saying "I am in the process of
writing a NEW script, one that more closely follows the MEG novel (Shane
Salerno’s scripts were more of a Moby Dick tale for sharks). We are forming a
new MEG team of producers who will take this script to studios. Fingers
" so that might help a little to steer your opinion. I personally am of the belief that the correct way to make that flick is to take elements from the book and a bunch of new stuff to create a totally unique and singular sea monster movie. Not a "B" movie. Not an action thrill-ride. Not something people have seen on SciFi. Something that evokes the book but evolves it somewhere really aggressively scary and cool and definitively its own thing and not something people will call a wannabe of other flicks. Maybe Steve will find that balance with his new script. Steve and I had once discussed collaborating on MEG together [we’ve written one script, Grim Reaper and were working on two others at the time of my end as a part of the MEG process and had become a rather solid writing team], something which won’t happen now but it was definitely different than both the source novel and Shane’s scripts. For whatever that’s worth.

Kevin M. Writes:

to hear that you’re no longer involved in MEG. I was really looking forward to
the film (giant shark with production values? Count me in!) – but it’s
disappointing when someone who’s obviously as passionate as you were about the
film is no longer involved. Being involved in the game industry side of things
has seen me get screwed on a number of projects I worked really hard on; I’m
not sure what happened with you and MEG (nor am I asking), but again – sorry it
didn’t work out.

Nick Replies: What is it with guys named Kevin sending in MEG emails? No worries, man. If all goes well you won’t feel very sorry for me when the NEW film project is announced.

Santiago Writes:

Dear Nicholas

It has come to our attention that you have been publicly displaying and
disseminating information regarding a great affliction that has been
devastating the Vampire community as of late. Vampire Down Syndrome affects
roughly 8% of the entire Vampire population and it’s believed to be caused by a
combination of Inbreeding, Global Warming and prolonged exposure to Wanda

We would like to use this space to thank you and commend you for raising
awareness of this tragic disease and using your online portal C.H.U.D. to help
our community. We will keep supporting C.H.U.D. and it’s personnel in all we
can. Tell Mr.Faraci he will have our positive vote come next month’s Vampire
Council elections.

National Association of American Vampires.

Nick Replies: Are corn dogs your favorite taste?

Fat D. Writes:

I will regret everything I say in the following
email after hitting SEND, that ‘s just the way I am.

However, I just wanted to say a few things regarding CHUD after I decided to
send a tiny donation your way.

Despite my previous message board freakouts, generally I am a decent
fellow, I think. I’m not an unfeeling ass, but don’t expect me to post in the
Nunziata Appreciation Thread anytime soon. I respect there are folks on those
boards who have a real connection with you personally,your website,and some of
the Chewers. I do not share the same level of connectedness, it’s not a
reaction against those people,I just am not the type to get precious about a
website or anything involving "community".I’m a loner Dottie, a

Perhaps I assume too much, in that I think the mighty CHUD juggernaught does
not need any incentive from me,financial or otherwise.But I see here and there,
when you lament the fizzle of Nation’s Punched or the perceived lack of
interest in a CHUD writer’s recent piece,that in fact you (and the writers)
apparently do appreciate feedback. Maybe I’m too sensitive, in that whenever I
respond to a thread, it seems to be the last post. Which makes me a thread

To me, my tiny donation is more practical then sentimental, for if it was
sentimental I would want to destroy it. Here Nick, let me bore you some more
and give you my perspective.

During most of the 90’s, my usual routine was to take the bus or drive to
Minneapolis. I’d park several blocks away,because I hate parallel parking
downtown,and hit my favorite haunts.On Hennepin, the same block as the
legendary First Avenue club was Northern Lights Music.They had the usual
alternative heavy stuff,shoegazer,etc.Yes,I loved Lush and My Bloody Valentine,
and I still do.I never found much to add to my collection, but I would check
out their magazine rack for awhile.

Next I would head to Let It Be Records,which had the best selection of any
store downtown.I could find all the alternative,rock,and weird
noise/experimental shit I wanted there.Two doors down was a clean,efficient
little place called Big Brain Comics.They sold mostly new releases,but had
enough graphic novels and underground stuff to warrant a visit from me each
time.After that I would head to Shinders,a long running newsstand with the
usual magazines,porn,comics,baseball cards/memorabilia,etc. They had a slightly
funky back area with underground books and comics, old ones too, R.Crumb and
the like. I’m the type of guy that would spend a good hour in there just browsing
as much as I could.And the majority of the employees were either funky jaded
alterna-college kids or variations of Comic Book Guy.

On my way back,if I was taking the bus,I would check the Shinders in downtown
St.Paul.There was a headshop 2 doors down,selling pipes,blacklight posters(I
like them, I do!),used cds,porn and the free local arts weeklies.This was after
I had walked up and down University Avenue to the Asian district to get my
weekly Hong Kong video fix.

How is it today,I might prod you to ask? Shinders was sold to someone outside
the immediate Shinders family,and this fellow (allegedly) ran it into the
ground,perhaps it had something to do with cops finding drugs,guns,needles,etc.
in his van.Every Shinders,even the ever reilable downtown stores,closed
down.Goodbye! Northern Lights and Let It Be?The funky headshop? Gone. Big Brain
moved further away and off my radar.

For me,there is no more wandering around the city of St.Paul or
Minneapolis.Sure, there are plenty of restaurants and perhaps a decent
non-corporate book store or 2 survives,but everything is not so slowly being
replaced by chain stores and condos.It just ain’t the same getting my fix at
Borders, there is a slight difference in being ignored by a chain store
employee and being ignored by a blue-haired pierced punker at Shinders.Or Let
It Be.You get my rambling?

These days,besides a fresh jam packed CHUD front page,my favorite blast of pop
culture is Giant Robot magazine.With my subscription, they also modestly asked
for donations to keep their magazine running.I will probably send them a tiny
donation as well.I would hate to see the next issue appear in my mailbox with
the subtitle "Final Issue!".There are more important things in
life,and yes,I make sure to donate to charities to hopefully do some damn good
in this world,even if I can’t get MY life together.But I’d hate to lose another
of my amusements,another thing that stimulates my mind to seek out new
books/cds/art/food,etc.It’s colorful,I need certain stimulations,that’s it.

So basically I’m tired of all my amusements drying up and the cookie cutter
corporate replacements dulling the edge of everything they can get their hands
on.I may not have made any friends in my trips to the brick and mortars,but at
least I got up and walked outside,into the sun,and sometimes into the cold and

I’ve tried other websites, and I keep coming back to CHUD, I don’t know why. I
don’t feel it’s my "home" or that I fit in so well. Sometimes I’m
quite bored by the same old talk, the same old jokes, the same lists and the
same Nick and Devin worship. That is not a slam on anyone, they obviously
"get" something or connect on a level that I don’t

I don’t think CHUD is the greatest,wittiest website.I don’t think Nick Nunziata
is the most creative,witty,talented multimedia giant of the last decade.I don’t
think Devin is the best goddamn writer on the internet…but I’ve also learned
he’s not my mortal enemy.I am!

But,I’d be very disappointed if CHUD fell by the wayside,so if my tiny donation
can help,I’ll try to match it next year,or whenever I can.I’m not a writer,but
I’ve tried hard to make more intelligent posts and in general tried to
contribute to this website.I’m embarrassed by my posts,but I’ll keep trying.

One more thing,PayPal informs me that the charge on my credit card will read as
"NICK".Not "NICK@CHUD"or "CHUD.COM".Just seeing
"NICK" on my statement makes it appear that I’ve required the
services of a male prostitute,one that accepts VISA. Maybe you wanna change it?

Nick Replies: Wow. I don’t know what to say. I very much appreciate the donation. I’m pretty comfortable saying that it DOES come in handy, especially these days as we struggle forward towards some semblance of legitimacy as both a great website [fact!] and worthwhile business [undecided!]. I can’t expect everyone to feel any sort of kinship or whatever with me, the staff, or the content but anyone who sticks around long enough and isn’t just about being a contrarian tends to get some value for it. I hope you continue to do so. I also hope that we have a few benefactors out there who are considering sending a large chunk of dough to some silly disease or whatever and instead decide to follow your glorious lead!