over to composer Brian Tyler’s MySpace page, and, if you grew up watching Rambo movies, you’ll hear a very welcome music cue. And if you’ve been worried about a lack of Jerry Goldsmith in Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo, your fears are about to be allayed.

Though I enjoyed the excessively violent first look at Rambo, the subsequent trailers and television spots – particularly the ones using Drowning Pool’s "Bodies", which is one of our "dead songs" – have not inspired much confidence. I’ve largely ascribed this to Lionsgate’s mis-marketing, but Stallone has been so uncertain in his handling of this movie (e.g. changing the title several times) that I was beginning to wonder if he’d missed the mark with this franchise revisitation/re-launch. Knowing that Goldsmith’s classic theme will be a part of Rambo‘s gory tapestry makes me very happy.

Of course, I’ve heard from Devin and Dellamorte that Rambo is sufficiently Rambo-esque; they just seemed unsure whether the Goldsmith theme was a part of the film. I’m not sure what I think of Tyler’s arrangement just yet; the best I can say is that he hasn’t gone out of his way to insert himself into the composition.

We’ll hear it all on January 25th, 2008 when Rambo opens wide.