head is spinning. I feel disoriented and confused. I’m alone here, and I’m frightened. I wish someone could just hold me. I don’t know how to cope with this: semi-official news on the Justice League movie.

Barrie Osborne, producer on the film, has confirmed that such a movie is happening -which is sort of a big deal in and of itself these days, as Warner Bros seems to have gone into Cold War CIA mode with Justice League, barely even acknowledging its existence. But more than that, Osborne says that the costumes of the JLA will be designed by the mad geniuses at the Weta Workshop, and that Weta Digital may be involved in the film’s FX, time permitting.

Having Weta design the costumes is great news; these guys are smart, talented and thorough. They won’t just throw out a classic comic book design because it’s too retro or weird for film; they’ll figure out a way to make it work. These guys understand fidelity to the source material, and they think things through.

Osborne doesn’t have much else to say on the subject; I still think that Warner Bros is hedging their bets that the strike will be over just in time to get started on this film and rewrite it on the fly. We should know soon; if the movie hopes to wrap before a possible actor and director strike this summer, it has to get going in the next four to six weeks.