Apparently the fine folks behind Reddit’s Ask Me Anything Q&A sessions have been pinging Rob Zombie for some time. The artist however, has yet to answer the call. So instead of actually reading and replying to the many queries proposed by Reddit users via computer, the controversial director and rockstar has taken the time to do an on-camera interview with the YouTube news source, What’s Trending. It’s five minutes long and covers ten quick questions that give insight into what kind of perspective Rob Zombie has towards the horror genre, film and his own personal history.

Since the extremely divisive release of his last Halloween movie, Rob Zombie has been praised and condemned by moviegoers across the board. He still has an incredibly strong hold on his dedicated audience,¬†and while his music seems to get more and more redundant each year, fans are still filling up arenas to see the performer live. Check out this video below to see what the man has to say about the influence of evil in his life, what it takes to make it as a filmmaker and the opinion that witches are going to trump vampires and zombies to become “the next big thing.” Also he waxes nostalgic about his production assistant days on the set of Pee-wee’s Playhouse. It’s shocking.