If you heard that the Fast & Furious franchise lacks a direct for their seventh picture, you’ve probably spent some time with a thousand-yard stare on your face, deeply pondering the possibilities. As you flip your pillow to the cool side, you remember, “hey, that one guy did a good job with that one thing, maybe he should do it.” As put the gas nozzle back and screw on the tank’s cap, Fast-and-furious-6-movieyou wonder if a new director mixed with all of the crazy mythos stuff you know is happening in film seven means they’ll add a new genre to the franchise again. From racing movie to heist films to crime thrillers?

Well here’s the payoff to all that deep thought: three white guys you probably didn’t think of!

The three choices are apparently Brad Furman (Lincoln Lawyer; Runner, Runner), Jeff Wadlow (Cry_Wolf, Kick Ass 2) and Harald Zwart (Karate Kid 2010, Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones), with their pictures respectively included above. I determined the order by the size of the camera they’ve been pictured next to. Furman doesn’t even have the ubiquitous director-next-to-camera shot, so he can’t be top choice.

I’m not sure which of these guys is most well-suited to automotive action, but you could argue Furman has the best track record with actors- a key here. Care to throw in an opinion on which one they should go with? I’m not over Lin’s departure yet, so I’m not sure I *sniff* can really say.

Source | Latino Review