Does anyone out there still play Stranglehold online? Anyone?

The John Woo game was pretty fun for what it was (my review here) and yeah, the online multiplayer was decent. Unfortunately there were also a lot of glitches and lag to be found, along with quite a limited selection of levels and game modes, so while it was fun for a week or two everyone soon moved on to bigger and better things.

But now they’ve released a Stranglehold Map Pack to make you dive back into the game with a gun clenched in each hand. The downloadable pack will give you 21 new character skins and 10 new multiplayer levels to play in. Most of the levels seem to be taken from areas in the single player game, like the T-Rex museum, just retooled for a multiplayer fight. Check the trailer for an idea of what to expect.

Looks cool, eh? But guess how much it is?

1,200 points.

Yep, 15 dollars. That’s a whole new game, or even a whole old game. Those 15 dollars can get you Indigo Prophecy or Psychonauts from the same Marketplace. You could pick up Castlevania AND Geometry Wars for that. Wow. Just… wow.

I can see achievement junkies gunning for this one, though… as there are 10 new achievements worth an additional 250 points to unlock as you play with this content.

I know it’s getting old to hear us bitch about being nickled and dimed to death, but honestly, if this pack included a little bit more (how’s about a new game mode besides Deathmatch?) and were about 10 dollars cheaper, it might be worth it. Even as a drunken whim. But as it seems to happen so much nowadays- this should have been in the game to begin with.