ain’t no Nielsen, there ain’t no disco, there ain’t no heads rollin’ ’round!

UGO has scored the first look at Screen Gems’ PG-13 Prom Night remake, and it’s just about what you’d expect: a little glitz, a little sex and not a whole lot of blood. Directed by television veteran Nelson McCormick (he’s worked on everything from NYPD Blue to Prison Break), this iteration of the slasher flick promises to go heavy on the suspense and jump scares. And while this may not be what you want from a film called Prom Night, it’s also possible that this film isn’t exactly intended for you.

Screen Gems scored a $21 million opening in 2006 with their teen-friendly redo of When a Stranger Calls, and they are unabashedly attempting to repeat that success with Prom Night. Fine by me. As I’ve said before, the original Prom Night is hardly a classic. And when I need a gore fix, the last place I’m going to look is a studio financed horror flick starring Brittany Snow.

That said, it’s always nice to see Idris "Stringer Bell" Elba working (The Wire‘s back this Sunday!), and Jonathan Schaech as a homicidal ex-teacher should be… something. As for whether that’s a good "something", I guess we’ll find out this April 11th.