I’m not sure why this is online, or how lightining quick it’s going to be pulled down, but if you’d like to see Gandalf explore the tomb of the Naz-gul with an appearance by Radagast from the upcoming The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, look below. From the looks of it, this was recorded from a 48fps projection of the footage, which suggests this isn’t supposed to be in the wild (the sound mix sure doesn’t sound final). That said, it’s been up long enough for YouTube to start verifying the view count*, so who knows…

EDIT: Apparently it’s pulled from the Hobbit 2 preview on the first film’s Blu-ray, so probably just recorded off of a TV with TruMotion or some other such TV bullshit. Mystery solved, even if the answer is a little less exciting. Still dig the scene though!

So peep it before the embed dies!

*When a YouTube video starts to accumulate serious views, they freeze the count at 301 until they can verify all of the views. That’s why you see so many hugely popular new videos with oddly low view counts for a while.