There’s a troubling, “here’s all the stuff from Carrie with modern cinematography!” thing going on in this trailer. Not much of a suggestion that anything particularly different in this rather limited, straightforward story is going to happen, except that it will happen with more CGI and stuff. That said, it looks like a fun supernatural thriller with cool things happening in them, so I’m not going to sit and shit all over it all night.

As a child of the 90s, my¬†telekinetic-little-girl frame of reference here is less original-Carrie and more Danny DeVito’s Matilda.¬†It’s essentially the same story, except the girl ends up doing lovely shit and promoting reading instead of murdering a bunch of people and blowing things up. You know, superficial differences.

Oh, and trailer editors: the skipping record thing in trailers is already way played out for this year alone. Kill it.