4dcb8cfd24a42ad9175a7170110ce55fIt was just last month that I ran down Tom Hardy’s truly staggering slate of projects in development. The list runs deep with blockbusters, indies, long-shots and sure things, but even among the huge batch, Warner Brother’s Cicero is one of the most exciting.

A huge priority for the studio for several years, the gangster film looks to tell the story of Al Capone from his early days to his emergence as the most famous criminal ever. Tom Shepherd is the new writer, hired out of obscurity after his script Hey, Stella! made the last Black List. This film was a David Yates joint for a while, but the timeline has long since shifted, so that’s very much up in the air.

The project has a long way to go, but this demonstrates WB is still actively pushing this along, so good news for gangster fans.


Source | Deadline