Chet Phillips is an awesome indie illustrator who makes cool things like Kaiju trading cards and turn-of-the-century superhero portraiture, and I think you’ll like some of his new creations: Coen Brothers Quote Posters.

I like Phillips’ take ont the quote poster- you see a lot of them, but rarely with as much personality and craft. The type treatments are nice, the illustrative elements are great, and the choice of quotes are also a great balance between the more famous lines and deeper-cut throwaways, which I appreciate. Usually these things are super minimalist and vector-y (not a word), so I’m really into the handcrafted feel here.

These are up for grabs, but it doesn’t seem like there are a ton in his inventory, so hop over to his Etsy page and get on it if you’d like one. Fingers crossed he keeps on and makes posters for the entire Coen oeuvre.