walking dead governorIn my review of The Walking Dead season finale, a mixed bag of an episode that’s biggest mistake was not wrapping things up properly with the Governor/Woodbury storyline, I speculated that David Morrissey’s eye-patched villain might be better served next year by appearing less frequently, in more of a bogeyman capacity. Well, so much for that. The Hollywood Reporter says that Morrissey is officially on board as a series regular for season four, meaning it’s unlikely he’ll be used sparingly yet highly probable he’ll be attacking Rick and company — but then pulling back at the last minute for no reason! — early and often. (And, interestingly, it’s only the Hollywood Reporter headline that uses the words “series regular.” The article itself doesn’t make that designation, but we’ll assume the headline writer got it right.)

Additionally, Chad Coleman (Cutty Tyreese), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) and Emily Kinney (Beth) have also been promoted to series regulars. I’ll put the odds on Martin-Green being the next minority to bite it at 3-to-1 and the over/under on number of episodes until Kinney leads Rick’s group in song at two.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter (via Collider)