me preface this by saying that this is a rumor. A big, fat, unsubstantiated rumor. I would probably not even run this if it came to me during a busy news week – which isn’t to cast aspersions on the person who sent it to me, but rather that I don’t like running stories like this that I can’t back up better.

Anyway, a movie industry source who shall henceforth be called Ichabod Crane has written in to say that the scuttlebutt this week is that Spielberg will be working with his Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull star again in the near future. According to Crane, Harrison Ford may play Vice President Andrew Johnson, the guy who took over the presidency when Honest Abe got capped in the dome*, in the long-discussed Lincoln. Liam Neeson, of course, is playing the president.

This doesn’t seem like an insane rumor, although it doesn’t seem as though Lincoln is Spielberg’s next project (that will probably be Chicago 7, and if I had written the Borat as Abbie Hoffman news item earlier this week I would have let you know that I think Spielberg is singularly unsuited for this movie). Still, it isn’t beyond reason that Spielberg and Ford talked about it while shooting Indy 4. And if Spielberg is talking it up that much, it gives us some insight into where his priorities for future films lie (sorry bout that, Interstellar).