There you have it: the poster for Arrested Development Season 4, which you can reasonably interpret as already alluding to the series merely being the countdown to a film!

We’ve been waiting on an exact premiere date for some time, and now we know that the season will handprint2launch as one big dump at exactly 12:01am on May 26th on Netflix’s Watch Instantly service. There will be 15 episodes in the season.┬áNetflix has been showing their sense of humor with fun easter eggs and teases for the new season, so I can’t wait to see what they do in the next two months.

If you haven’t read too much about the new season, note it consists of episodes focusing on each character leading up to an event that will take place in the expected film (there will be no 2nd Netflix season). All of the episodes happen simultaneously, with characters crossing over into each other’s episodes, but the cast never fully assembling until the end. The season can be watched in any order, and is specifically designed for the binge-viewing Netflix format.

This is going to be huge.