UPDATE: Moriarty is claiming
that a ‘very high-ranking’ mole has said that Latino Review’s story is
"absolutely false". The mole states that Routh is still WB’s choice for
any standalone film, as evidenced by conversations "as recently as a
few weeks ago."


Latino Review is frequently on the money and it’s a slow news day so it’s time to run with the death knell of Brandon Routh as Superman. But the story isn’t quite as clear-cut as the front-page LR article makes it seem, even if it turns out to be confirmation of a detail that most people have suspected for quite some time.

Kelvin has supposedly known for several weeks that Routh was forever out of the Superman outfit, and that whoever is cast in George Miller’s Justice League flick will carry over to the next standalone Superman flick. He’s been sitting on the news out of defernce to the folks at WB, but today El Guapo is pointing to a December 27th Variety blog that ‘confirms’ his news.

Thing is, the blog doesn’t do that at all. Thompson on Hollywood says that "the next Superman we will see on the big screen will not be Brandon
Routh, but a younger Superman among a cast of youthful superheroes in
The Justice League,
" which is a given. The post doesn’t claim that the same actor will carry over into another Superman entry in place of Routh. The ‘news’ is even buried at the bottom of a Dark Knight post — it’s hardly breaking info.

If I was Kelvin and knew that Routh was out, I’d be looking for any excuse to get around WB and run the info, and the Variety blog is probably good enough; it could certainly be miscontrued as confirmation that Routh is going to be digging ditches once again. Though I believe Kelvin is probably right, probably better to keep this filed as speculation until there’s a real confirmation.