2009-04-06-inglourious_basterds6Brad Pitt’s dissatisfaction with the production of World War Z and the director he was instrumental in getting hired has been widely reported over the last year, and is soon to be ignored or outright denied as the film ramps up promotional efforts. But if Pitt is going to stick around in the trenches of the great World War Z (they’ve spoken of a trilogy), he’s not doing so without another turn in a real world war first.

Last seen in the European theater of WWII with Quentin Tarantino, Pitt will return to the German fronts, this time as a member of a five-man tank crew fighting a rough battle against the German army. The film is said to be an intimate look at the “complexities of battlefield heroism.”

The film is called Fury, and it’s David Ayer’s follow up to next year’s Ten, with Arnold Schwarzenneger.  The scrip was acquired in a pricey deal, with Ayer set to direct and now Pitt joining to star. One suspects this might be a decent script, considering all that.


Source | Deadline (via Indiewire)