with news slower than Britney Spears’ head-dropped child, I managed to miss a little nugget of info that the handsome Garth Franklin at Dark Horizons grabbed last week. Thanks to the folks at Cinematical I’ve seen it today: Hitman director Xavier Gens apparently told Le Film Francais that he might be directing the new Conan movie.

Just back in December Aint It Cool reported that jailbird John McTiernan would be directing the new film, possibly with Gerard Butler shirtless and well oiled. I don’t know what happened to that – hell, I don’t know much more about the possibility of Gens directing, since I can’t seem to find the original article, and even if I did, I mostly failed French in high school. I still haven’t seen any of Gens’ work, including Hitman, which you’ll remember had some controversy regarding whether or not he got fired from the film… if he’s smart he’ll tell everybody that’s not his movie onscreen, since I understand it’s borderline unwatchable. Anyway, I don’t know if he’s a good choice for this film. What do you think?