and weeks ago I told you that Gavin Hood wanted Natalie Portman to appear in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That obviously wasn’t going to happen – let’s be serious for a moment, her career isn’t in quite that much trouble yet* – but that bit of director-based fantasy casting gives you a clue what Hood is looking for. So when the news came out of Australia that Natalie Imbruglia, one time pop star and current wife to one of the little kids from Silverchair (feeling old yet?), auditioned for a part in Wolverine, it all made sense. Either my source got his Natalies mixed up, Hood has a thing for Natalies or he’s looking for a dark haired actress with a slighter build.

Garth at Dark Horizons speculates that Imbruglia could be up for the role of Silver Fox, rumored to be going to Maggie Q. My impeccable source told me that the role Hood wanted Portman for was ‘Kayla.’ Looking up the comical book version of Silver Fox reveals that she doesn’t seem to have a real name, but in at least one version of the script there’s a Kayla Silverfox.