The Lego version of Indy’s new nemesis not good enough for you? Then how about Cate Blanchett striking an authoritative pose in her Indy 4 costume, shot by justly famous photographer Annie Leibovitz? The new issue of Vanity Fair features a five-page article on the new flick and three new images, the most notable of which shows off Blanchett’s look.

I actually haven’t read the whole article yet (I’m posting this instead) but from skimming the text it seems as much history lesson as look forward. I’d expect at most a couple of minor spoilers, but be warned if you’ve been keeping details at arm’s length so far.

The shot of Cate is right here — I kinda doubt this was stolen from the production office so we’re running with it — and you can check the original article for an image of Shia LaBeouf and Karen Allen and a very classic-looking one of Ford, Lucas and Spielberg on set.