And he’s an illusionist!

When Megan Fox was announced as April O’Neil in the Platinum Dunes reboot Ninja Turtles, the collective movie-blogging populace said, “WTF?” When underwear models Alan Ritchson, Pete Ploszek, Jeremy Howard and Noel Fisher were announced as the turtles, the collective movie-blogging populace said, “Seriously, WTF?” And finally, when THR confirmed Will Arnett would be joining the cast in an unspecified role, we all went, “Okay, that seems reasonable.”

This is the only casting decision for this movie that’s made the least bit of sense, which is saying a lot for an unspecified role. Truthfully, I could see Arnett playing Splinter or even a cradle-robbing Casey Jones, but this entire pre-production has been so off-the-wall that I can only look to each and every new announcement with anticipation and glee. I say go completely bugfuck with the property, which, judging from the Turtles-as-Aliens concept, is in line with what producer Michael Bay and director Jonathan Liebesman seem to be doing. I liked the show as a kid, it’s just not biblical for me like it is others.

Arnett’s the only actor-ly presence cast thus far, making this announcement even more surprising. I wonder what the powers that be have planned for him. Care to guess?