This is me participating in the dissemination of images for which, as I type, Marvel may or may not be cooking up a Cease & Desist order to launch across the web. Until the time comes that they demand we yank this stuff down, feast your eyes on concept art from Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.

It’s all rather innocuous, but these definitely look legitimately like traditional motion picture concept art. There’s a cool ship, and the Guardians cast, and neato environment…




And then there’s what appears to be a battle between Captain America and the Winter Soldier- the new identity of the thought-to-be-departed Bucky.


Along with all this comes the news that Avengers 2 will shoot at the same Pinewood-Shepperton studios that Thor 2 made home for its production and that is currently gearing up for James Gunn’s Guardians. Joss Whedon’s second Avengers film — set for a 2015 release– will of course mark the conclusion of the 2nd Phase of the MCU, which begins in a day over a month with Iron Man 3. The giant Marvel: Phase 1 box set includes a brief video explaining and teasing this fact, which you can check out below.

Finally, here’s an Iron Man 3 teaser spot that popped up recently, adding just a tiny little extra moment or two of The Mandarin onto the promotional pile.

Source | Geez Zenith, Screen Daily (via /Film, Latino Review, Collider, Indiewire)