Beware: If you’re already sold, this Red-Band does kind of swing the doors wide open on a lot of jokes and cameos…

I’ve gathered that not everyone is on board with the vaguely self-congratulatory meta-wank that is This Is The End, and I totally get that. I’ve got no real counter to the idea that this a bunch of people being extremely pleased with themselves and having a great time with how funny and famous and funny they are. You’re no fool if you’re turned off. Just… pardon me while I have a great time. No beef.

The Emma Watson joke is easy (as it was with Natalie Portman’s gangster SNL skit before it), but I still love it. Jokes and violence at Cera’s expense are easy, but I love them. Etc. Etc.

Also, I NEED to have that Belief track they’re using in these trailer on a device connected to my ears soon. Doesn’t exist in the wild yet though.