The best April Fool’s Day joke products are the ones that don’t exist but should. And even if I rag on the over-exposure of Star Wars merchandise, I look at this and know that it’s something I want:


Presenting the “Han Solo in Carbonite” Pop-tart. A life imprisoned made better with sprinkles, the harsh rigidity of being molded into carbonite has never been so delightful! Just look at Han’s expression, as if saying “Alright now, we both now I’m delicious. But just calm down for a sec… no… nooooooo!” while you consume every last delectable morsole. For once in your sad life, shouldn’t Jabba the Hutt be jealous of you, instead of the other way around?

Question for you, our beloved Chewers: what flavor would your ideal “Han Solo in Carbonite” Pop-tart be? My vote is for grape, or maybe black cherry. What say you?

Source: Foodiggity