4_1_mastersFor my money, of all the Star Wars cash-in clones that attempted to follow Lucas’ opus, Masters of the Universe came pretty damn close to achieving something special. The movie is… not great, and a lot of it’s bogged down when He-Man and his band of freedom fighters make the jump from Eternia to modern-day 1987 Earth. But the production design, costumes, score and make-up fx were all top notch for their time. It’s a film I still like to revisit now and again (new Blu here) as it’s pretty damn fun in spite of its missteps. Some tight sword battles  and Frank Langella as Skeletor are sights every film fan should be made to endure in their developmental stage.

This really informative piece about the tumultuous project comes to us from a doc about the greater franchise (the precursor toy line and toon) called Toy Masters (official site). Some great stuff here, this 11 minute clip is a blast to watch: