muffy-shiftyBeginning with TV movie Love in the Present Tense and concluding with Lobster Man from Mars, Deborah Foreman was one of those perennial 80s actors who helped define a decade. In between the above-mentioned films, Foreman had a knack for finding work that would later achieve cult status. Her performance as Julie in Valley Girl comes to mind, so too do her dual roles as Muffy and Buffy St. John in horror romp April Fool’s Day.

In honor of our showing of April Fool’s Day happening tonight at Theatres at Mall of America, I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Foreman about her contributions to cinema over the years. What follows is a conversation that was very easy to transcribe:

Tim Kelly: My mom’s birthday is on April Fool’s Day. She’s a very nice lady. In lieu of celebrating or taking her out for dinner, I’m going to Theatres Mall of America to see this film instead. Have I made the right choice? What should I tell her?

Deborah Foreman: Absolutely made the right choice.  Tell her, “April Fool’s”.

Tim: There’s no shortage of horror glurge out in the world. Why does a film like April Fool’s Day endure? What is it about the relationship between holidays and building horror films around them?

Deborah: The director Fred Walton was awesome. That is why.

Tim: April Fool’s Day or Valley Girl: What’s the better date movie?

Deborah: Both.

Tim: Do you have any weird or crazy Nicolas Cage stories?

Deborah: No.

Tim: Hypothetical question: You get a call tomorrow saying you’re wanted back on set to finish Grizzly II. Would you be there the next day?

Deborah: Absolutely …  I would see George Clooney again … hubba hubba

Tim: You also played Sarah in Waxwork but your career has by no means been limited to just genre work. What do you get recognized most for and what’s your favorite kind of fan?

Deborah: I do not get recognized so much and the non-crazy type of fan is appreciated by me.

Tim: Aside from the surprise ending, April Fool’s Day is primarily known for how little gore it has. What to you constitutes a scary movie, knowing that it can be accomplished without copious amounts of red stuff?

Deborah: The Haunting (1963) was a scary movie.  All done with sound and the acting of Julie Harris.

Tim: Buffy St. John or Muffy St. John, which are you more like? And which was more fun to play?

Deborah: Buffy was the most fun and I am not like either one.

Tim: There’s a Deborah Foreman renaissance happening and a new appreciation for your work. Is it true that you’ve attended screenings of Valley Girl for fans? Any interest in coming to Minnesota?

Deborah: If you pay my way and my stay I am in …

A very special thanks to Deborah Foreman for her use of complete sentences and taking sixty seconds out of her schedule to speak with CHUD. April Fool’s Day is playing tonight at 7:30 at Theatres at Mall of America. Ms. Foreman will not be in attendance.