, slow news days. These are the days when I eat my lunch outside of the house. Such a nice change of pace. It’s these slow news days when we sometimes hit our highs – last year the holiday season brought me the gift of Zyzzyx Road – and our lows in the desperate search for any sort of content at all.

This story is probably a low, but maybe I can salvage it. George Miller, the man directing the much discussed but little announced Justice League movie, has given an interview with a Greek magazine where he goes on about his Greek heritage. Then he lets in some JLA news through the backdoor: "The Justice League superheroes are in fact related to ancient Greek gods and that will be my reference point."

The scooper who sent this in was horrified at the idea: "What in the cock is he talking about?  Does Miller have some long-simmering, mad beef with Black Orpheus?  And are we finally going to get the Justice League-meets-Hesiod mythos that absolutely no one has been clamoring for?" But I look at it in one of two ways:

1) There’s a miscommunication here, and he’s talking about Wonder Woman, who is in fact related to the Greek pantheon

or, and this is what I think is more realistic,

2) he’s approaching the JLA as a modern pantheon in and of themselves. Grant Morrison did this with his classic JLA run, and it would indicate that Miller is looking to break away from the way superhero movies are made these days – the current idiom is very Marvel Age feet of clay – and get back to the idea of these characters being godlike in their powers, abilities and responsibilities. Which isn’t really in the script that Miller has, to be honest, but maybe he’ll just do a lot of worm’s eye view shots to get the message across.

All of this feels off, though, since I can’t believe we’re a month or two from principal photography starting and haven’t heard a peep of official casting news or anything. This project feels like it’s stalled out.