Strange.  I feel like I’ve been here before…

It’s been a really long time since I wrote one of these. I was popping them out on an almost daily basis before all the new bloggers were brought aboard. Then it just seemed like when I posted one, it was buried before I could blink. Not that I’m complaining. I love some of the new bloggers (I guess they aren’t really new anymore are they?)

Sam Strange Remembers … is one of the greatest blogs going on the site. You of course know that, since it has been here for quite a while now.  I also love reading Renn Brown as well.

You guys notice all the new DVD reviewers? Things got a little out of control on the backend with DVDs piling up.  Hell, I popped out over twenty reviews in two weeks and still didn’t make a dent in the pile. But we got some great reviewers on board. You recognize some names from the message board like Justin Clark and Andrew Eaton. We got some solid writers here.

Am I out of touch?  When did the comments return? You know, I hated them the first time we had them. Too many dicks who wanted to make fun of Devin or stalk Owen. Hell, I had my trolls who were calling me – let me try to remember – “arrogant for someone who doesn’t bring anything to the table.”

You know, who cares. I don’t care if its CHUD, AICN, 411Mania, IMDB.COM or wherever else it is, there are commenters who only live for one reason and that is to throw insults at anyone who will listen. My advice to writers – laugh at them. Not on the boards, but actually laugh out loud at the petty insults that come your way. I mean, it is funny. Take constructive critism and then laugh at the trolls. The comments do nothing but help the site make more money and if you have a large group of trolls who follow you around and insult every word you write, you are making the site lots of money. Just remain professional and don’t engage them.

And laugh.

Speaking of trolls throwing insults, I am preparing to work on a TOP 50 list and nothing brings out the trolls like lists. I have taken over a video review channel over on YouTube from a guy who is about to leave for Europe for the next year. The link is and my stuff will be listed under Starving Dog Reviews. I think I’m gonna post our videos for the TOP 50 Greatest Horror Movies here in my blog over the next month. It will be broken up into 10 episodes with 5 movies in each one and will be hosted by myself and my production partner Rob.

I invite all you to come to watch the episodes here on Chud and then will sit back and watch as you all throw poo at me. It should be a good time.

I’ll also invite everyone to watch my weekly internet show The Starving Dog Show, also over at YouTube ( I won’t post those shows here because we’re trying to build an audience of our own over at YouTube.

Regardless, watch here in my blog for the countdown to the number one horror movie of all time. It should start sometime next week.