A couple of weeks back we brought you translations of the German descriptions of a bunch of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Lego sets, all of which confirmed story and character points that CHUD broke a zillion years ago*. Now the IJATKOTCS (holy shit that’s an ugly acronym) Unofficial Web Blog has gotten their hands on images of the Lego sets in question, and now you can see what a Lego Soviet Cate Blanchett looks like (she’s the one with the Beatles cut and the grey outfit) as well as the Temple of the Crystal Skull and what appears to be a Killdozer! Also take note of the standing skeletons at the base of the temple – their skulls look different from the skulls that adorn the temple itself. I can’t blow the picture up with enough quality to actually figure out what’s up with them. Interesting.

Click here to see all the images for yourself.

*Look, if I don’t pat myself on the back, who will?