url-25I was among those very excited when Netflix announced its big deal with Warner Brothers that would bring Cartoon Network and Adult Swim content to the service, along with many DC shows of WB’s own line-up. Well today the material has been unleashed on the service, It might not be as complete a dump as some would hope. There’s a whole lot of shows that are only represented by their first season or two, while some are indeed full releases. Below you’ll find a list of exactly what shows and how much of them are on the service. Since I went through and searched all this info out by hand, I can also say you’re only going to find this on CHUD (so other sites: link me if you C&P this list, dammit!)

adventurestreamAlso, along with all the big name stuff, there are a lot of short lived gems and oddities added today. For example, Camp Lazlo probably isn’t a Cartoon Network show you’ve heard of, but it’s a short-lived series from the creator of Rocko’s Modern Life, so that’s something many will want to check out. There’s also Robotomy– the shortest-running CN show ever, though it featured Patton Oswalt as its lead voice.

The frustrating thing about the incomplete releases are how inconsistent they are. When Adventure Time is making mad cash off DVDs and iTunes, I understand only putting out the first season to attract new fans (bummer though that may be). But only one season of Aqua Teen‘s decade-long run? Or a mere half of older classics like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab? Will we see the rest of these shows hit later? When will that be? At what point will currently-running shows update? Are there more shows that will eventually show up, like the original Batman and Superman animated series? (Seriously, B:TAS would be HUGE).

There are all questions we’ll have to wait for answers to, but for the time being it seems this is as much a shrewd marketing move from WB as an actual gold rush of new content for Netflix.

Batman Beyond (Full Run)
Batman: The Brave And The Bold (1 of 3 seasons)
Justice League (Full Run)
Justice League Unlimited (Full Run)

Adventure Time (1 of 5 seasons)
Regular Show (1 of 4 seasons)
Chowder (1 of 3 seasons)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (1 of 10 seasons)
Robot Chicken (1 of 6 seasons)
Metalocalypse (1 of 4 seasons)
Squidbillies (2 of 7 seasons)
Children’s Hospital (2 of 4 seasons)
Delocated (1 of 3 seasons)

The Venture Bros (1 of 4 seasons)
The Boondocks (1 of 3 seasons)
Samurai Jack (1 of 4 seasons)

Powerpuff Girls (3 of 6 seasons)
Dexter’s Laboratory (2 of 4 seasons)
Johnny Bravo (1 of 4 seasons)
Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy (2 of 6 seasons)
Courage The Cowardly Dog (2 of 4 seasons
The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy (2 of 6 seasons)

Ben 10 (1 of 4 seasons)
Ben 10: Alien Force (1 of 3 seasons)
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (1 of 2 seasons)
Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated (1 of 2 seasons)
Generator Rex (1 or 3 seasons)
Codename: Kid Next Door (1 of 6 seasons)

MAD (1 of 3 seasons)

Destroy Build Destroy (2 of 4 seasons)
Dude, What Would Happen (1 of 3 seasons)
Hole In the Wall (Full CN run)

Single Season Shows:

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
Problem Solverz
My Gym Partner’s A Monkey
Camp Lazlo