"Perhaps if I sip this sizzurp, I will be leanin too much to turn into the Hulk…"

Universal has sent along their 2008 preview, and I’ve ganked from it some pictures that might be of interest to young fresh fellows like yourselves. Included in this set are the first two official pictures from The Incredible Hulk, Ed Norton’s attempt to set right what Ang Lee set angsty. If you’re still wondering what direction the new film will take, look at the picture below. Now look at the opening credits of the Incredible Hulk TV series.

Jason Statham in Death Race (no 2000 this time. Also, no good.)

Angelina Jolie in The Changeling, which is either a remake of the 1980 ghost film with Jolie in the George C Scott role or The New Eastwood Film, about a woman whose child disappears.

Two shots of Rhona Mitra in Neil Marshall’s Doomsday, a movie I heard makes an Escape from New York remake redundant.

Topher Grace, Teresa Palmer (rumored to be Talia Al’Ghul in the Justice League movie) and Dan Fogler in Kids in America, a movie about Labor Day weekend 1988 (notice the period detail: a Suncoast Video store!).

McLovin, Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott in the now Untitled Mentor Comedy. This was once called Big Brothers, and it was the very first Crop Report Jeremy Smith did. Read that here.

And finally Big Red protects a baby in Hellboy II, likely to be the best comic book movie of July.