To whom it concerns:

I am officially no longer involved in the motion picture property MEG, based on the book by Steve Alten. The reasons are many and after the better part of half a decade of effort the relationship has ended and the project proceeds without the involvement of myself as well as a handful of other producers. The project, as I’ve been told, is going in a different direction. I’d like to thank the readers and fans of the book who were helpful, excited, and sometimes skeptical of what were trying to do and am sorry to say I will not be a part of any future incarnation of MEG as much I’d like to be and feel I deserve to be. This project has been a learning experience to be sure, one that will shape the way I work on all future ones and the people with whom I align myself. I wish Steve Alten and Belle Avery luck in their decision and where it leads them.

- Nick Nunziata