3_28_greerA love interest seems natural to the continued arc of Caesar, the Serkis-enhanced lead ape in 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Thankfully director Matt Reeves and Fox have chosen wisely, as it appears the very talented and beautiful Judy Greer of Arrested Development fame will be donning a mo-cap suit to play Caesar’s chimp love interest, Cornelia.

I love that this film appears to be continuing the franchise from the perspective of the apes and their rise to power against the suppressive  tyrannical humans. A dynamic like the one Greer’s character will bring certainly furthers that notion. More than that, I’m just happy to see a very talented and underrated actress score a big get like this. Up to now Greer’s mostly been confined to playing “the best friend” on the silver screen. This is such an intriguing role and I think Greer’s the kind of performer that can knock it out of the park. Nice one, Fox.

Source: Vulture