God bless you, Hideo Kojima. While everyone was already patting themselves on the back for figuring out that mysterious game The Phantom Pain was the next instalment in the Metal Gear franchise, the legendary creator of the series dropped a bombshell during the GDC event, by revealing that while everyone was right, the setup was just a decoy, as it turns out that the already revealed Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes was actually the same game. While some rumours persist that both games are separate games conforming¬† MGSV‘s experience, Kojima himself has stated that Ground Zeroes is the prologue of MGSV (think of this as a callback to MGS2‘s “Tanker” scenario), which will probably depict the events that landed Snake in a near decade long coma and the loss of an arm, which seem to be the main catalyst of his weak state and possible hallucinations that conform the trippy yet gorgeous imagery (courtesy the FOX engine) that permeates the game’s reveal trailer.

While it’s been somewhat confirmed that all footage was running in realtime on a high end PC, the game has only been confirmed as a current generation console release, which, if true, makes it all the more impressive. Could this one be the swan song of both the 360 and PS3’s long runs? We’ll see.