haven’t read Neil Gaiman’s Coraline – I’ve been far too busy the last couple of years following the Harry Potter saga to bother picking up some kid’s book – but what I’ve seen of the movie makes this shit look dark. At the Los Angeles opening of The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D Henry Selick showed some three dimensional footage of the movie, which was mindblowing; now Gaiman is sharing some more footage on his website, which looks flatter but no less terrific.

In Coraline the titular character finds herself in a parallel dimension where everybody has buttons for eyes, where Coraline has Another Mother and Another Father. And where Keith David is a cat, and you know what he’s going to demand of Coraline when she and her parallel world self meet. Button to button, indeed.

Click here to see a few seconds from Coraline. The film is supposedly coming out this year, and it’s going to have original music by They Might Be Giants.