Man is starting to remind me of some girls on MySpace. No, I don’t mean that he’s covered in glitter and starts playing a Justin Timberlake song as soon as you open his profile. Sometimes you’ll find a cute broad and you’ll go through their pictures and you realize that they have the same smile or the same pose in every single picture ever taken of them. It’s eerie and it’s strange.

With Iron Man I get an immense feeling of deja vu with every single picture released of the costume. First of all, every picture looks sort of CGI, or at least heavily airbrushed. But second of all, there’s almost nothing to distinguish one from the next. In every picture Iron Man is standing in front of some kind of non-descript background. He looks good – in fact the armor may be the single best big screen interpretation of a superhero’s costume ever – but at this point he’s looking boring. Props to Paramount for showing us full body shots, but at this point we get it – now it’s time to show us something new.

You can visit Coming Soon to see the full picture as presented above right (as well as a picture of the new Hulk design, which is pretty much the same – how different do you think they’ll make the Hulk?), but unless you’re an Iron Man fetishist, this isn’t the Christmas gift for which you were hoping.