hr_The_Amazing_Spider-Man_2_1It’s Aunt May!

Just kidding, Sally Field likely lives on to bake cookies in The Amazing Spider-Man 3. But another character might not be as lucky, as Comic Book Movie is reporting from an inside source that Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy isn’t long for this world:

Just as most of us suspected, Gwen Stacy  will indeed check out in this film, but perhaps more surprising is that it’s been hinted – note we don’t know this for certain – that this won’t even happen at the end, and Stone’s role may not be very large at all.

Not surprising that they’d kill her off (she’s been dead in the comics since ’73), but what is surprising is that it won’t be by the hand of Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborne, who reportedly isn’t assuming the Green Goblin role this time out.

It seems strange that they’d adhere to one aspect of the story and not the other. Even still, I enjoyed Emma Stone’s work in the reboot and would be sad to see her leave the franchise. It’s funny to think of this film mirroring the Rachel Dawes death in The Dark Knight, even as this specific arc’s inspired by something that occurred in the comics forty years ago. As someone who believes the tragic hero card’s played itself out these past few years, I seriously hope that’s not what’s happening here.

By no means is this confirmed, but CBM seems confident in their source. And it seems likely considering Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane will be entering the fray.