’ Jake Rossen. For about two years I had been playing with the idea of doing a book about the tortured journey that Superman took from Superman IV to Superman Returns, and had even talked to some friends in publishing about it. Then I get an email from this Rossen guy asking me some questions about an interview I had done with Brett Ratner; he was working on a book just like the one I had in mind.

But there’s no sour grapes here. Rossen’s book, Superman vs Hollywood, is a great read. It’s certainly better than what I would have cranked out, especially because he didn’t just focus on the latest series of stops and starts for Supes, but rather went all the way back to the Man of Steel’s days on radio and followed him through to Bryan Singer. Jake sent me a copy of the galleys to read, and I tore through the book during my latest European trip. I was so absorbed in Superman vs Hollywood that I forgot to even be afraid on the flight from Ireland to Hungary, which is saying a lot. In fact, the book was so good that I was happy to give Jake a blurb to use on the book jacket.

My copy of the book arrived today and there I am, nestled in between Patton Oswalt and the legendary Tom Mankiewicz. I started leafing through the book and found myself suddenly reading it again – I had to force myself to put the thing down to even make this boast post. Superman vs Hollywood is, as I say on the back cover, ‘The best book yet about the powerful and profitable relationship between superheroes and Hollywood,’ and it makes a great Christmas gift for that Superfanatic in your life – or for you to read instead of dealing with your family on Christmas day. There’s still time to order it on Amazon and get it by the 24th – click here to order Superman vs Hollywood through CHUD!