This is what happens when I don’t comb through the various emails and alerts that pour in during the week: I miss the set photos from Terry Gilliam’s new movie that have been floating around (albeit quietly) for the better part of this week.

First up is a pair of photos from a London community website, which I’ve reproduced at the bottom of this piece, showing Dr. Parnassus’ traveling caravan as it stood on Blackfriars Bridge last weekend. There’s not a lot to see, but it definitely looks like a Gilliam set piece.

Then celebrity stalking site has a handful of photos showing Heath Ledger being hung from Lambeth Bridge, with red runes scribed on his forehead.

My deduction based on these two sets of photos: the entire film takes place on or under bridges. Scanning back over the script review Film Ick published ten months ago, though, I can see that’s completely wrong, and those who don’t want to remain spoiler-free can check the last section of the review to see more or less where these photos fall into place.