url-22As far as I’m concerned, Everybody Wants To Kill Bruce is a legitimate short film, pushing way beyond a fan edit or a supercut (which it doesn’t fit the definition of anyway).

An assemblage of sequences from dozens of movies, the short tells the story of the day when heroes and villains from all of cinematic fiction decided to try and kill Bruce Willis at the same time. Not every film is a Bruce Willis film, so you’ll see Al Pacino from Heat, Tom Cruise from Collateral, Kurt Russell from Death Proof, The Joker and many more all take their turn trying to bring Bruno down. There’s also several clever little additions and cute nods to Willis films that didn’t make the cut.

What’s great is that even though color timing often doesn’t match and there are the inevitable leaps of spatial logic, this is all-in-all an amazingly coherent action sequence that covers a lot of ground. In and out of standoffs, car chases, and gunfights, the story is easy to follow (helped out by a clean sound mix) and a hell of a good time.

This is the work of a French filmmaker/editor, Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat. Have a look:

thanks to Dan Reed