One of my 2013 goals has been to finally plunge headfirst into the world of sports fandom, at least as far as football, basketball, and baseball are concerned. In a few days baseball will provide my first opportunity to closely follow and invest in a team’s season, before picking up the others later in the year. For others though, sports have been a life-long proposition, and for crossover film fans that brings the occasional joy of the two worlds 42posintersecting. Sports movies are as hit or miss as any genre and a good sports movie appeals to non sports-fans of course, but people are always hungry for a good sports flick.

In honor of baseball’s start, the blog These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For created this nicely put-together timeline of baseball in the movies, rolling through every decade since the turn of the last century. It’s not necessarily exhaustive –it lacks (mostly for good reason) films like The Fan, Angels In The Outfield, Hardball, Everyone’s Hero, Perfect Game, The Scout¬†and even BASEketball– but it hits the ones that matter.

Of course baseball will hit the big screen again soon as 42 goes wide on April 12th, a couple weeks after the start of the MLB season. It looks fantastic, so hopefully we’ll have another classic sports movie to add to the list.